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Larryware – Sunday Artist Interview

Well it had to happen sooner or later! I decided to make my own interview the last of the year – The next one after this will be Sunday 5th January! So yes… they will be continuing way into 2020 and beyond! I thought, best get me done for the last one of 2019! First[…]

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Anna Gouws Artworks – Sunday Artist Interview

Sunday’s have never been the same again since I started these around 6 months ago! I have luckily had lots of very willing artists to interview and have a list of more as long as my arm – so here’s today with Anna at Anna Gouws Artworks to tell us a little bit about herself[…]

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Dusty Souls Art – Sunday Artist Interview

Over the next coming Sundays I shall be posting my own artist interviews with some of my favourite people who reside in this multitalented world of art… Today we have the the wonderful Imogen Clark to answer a few questions… over to you Imogen! First of all, who are you? Hey, I’m Imogen Clark of[…]