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Larryware – Sunday Artist Interview

Well it had to happen sooner or later! I decided to make my own interview the last of the year – The next one after this will be Sunday 5th January! So yes… they will be continuing way into 2020 and beyond! I thought, best get me done for the last one of 2019! First[…]

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New New New… Well, Newly Photographed…!

Hello and so photographing continues – how exactly do you work at the same time? As I am a photographer anyway, everything has to be ‘just right’ and if it’s gone wrong, I do it again and again… I am slowly changing my painting pictures in my shop and I thought it might be a[…]

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I’ve got bags! Literally!…

First of all, may I just say – I’m a very hands on kind of artist – I’ll try everything out myself before I find an actual professional company to recreate my designs, as there are certain things I cannot do myself, however much I’ve tried over the years.. I tried some ‘iron on’ cotton[…]