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Elbri Crafts/All of Alice – Sunday Artist Interview

Continuing on with Sunday Artist Interviews – many are lined up, so keep checking back, I think we need a few more distractions from the rather scary times we’re all living in right now! – Here’s Elle to tell you a little about herself and her work…

First of all, who are you?

I’m Elle and I live and work in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been a professional artist for years but last year decided to branch out into crafts and so created Elbri Crafts and more recently All of Alice. Elbri Crafts is run by me and my husband and we make a range of crafts from natural materials, all hand painted. All of Alice is where I create hand painted dolls and ornaments based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland books, It’s a bit of a dream come true as I get to combine my love of art, dolls and Alice!

When you were asked (all those years ago!), “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  What did you answer?

I answered vet, a long way off!

 What is the funniest thing as an artist that has ever happened to you?

I remember years ago being in Australia at a BBQ and my aunt showing round my portfolio. Someone pointed to a photo of one of my self portraits without realising who it was and asked “who’s that ugly bloke?”

What is the hardest part of being creative?

I definitely think being an artist is harder than doing the art. Creativity doesn’t like to share space with every day life and it can be hard to put it “aside” when you have a busy life!  Also, in order to create, I think the artistic brain has its own features which make it great for creating but can be challenging when taken outside the studio.

 What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to copy, new things will emerge. 

What subjects inspire you?

The minds of people and the muscles of animals

Who are the 3 greatest living artists in your opinion? (they don’t have to be famous!)

I follow a lot of artists on social media and love a lot of work so these aren’t neccesarily my only choices, but I love looking at the art of Carla Peria, Qais Al-Sindy and Veronica Cay

 Who are the 3 greatest dead artists in your opinion?

Almost impossible but let’s go for Davinci, Durer and Bacon

 What is your favourite work of art you have ever produced?

I have a couple of large canvasses I really connect with that I painted a couple of years ago, but more recently with the work I’ve been creating I have to say I’ve got a soft spot for this huge Humpty egg from Through the Looking Glass. Humpty is a bit of a snob and Alice confronts him in many ways. I love their interaction in the story and Humpty’s use of language. This Humpty is too big to fit on my shelves so he used to sit at the table with us. A collector now has him in the US. I think she’ll need to buy him his own armchair!

What was the last piece of art you sold?

I’ve been creating a set of Alice characters called “Queer Fish” after a comment in Through the Looking Glass. I’ve just sold the Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee wooden eggs to a collector in the US. 

And finally… Because this is really important….

 What’s the best type of cheese?  (haha)

I wish I could remember the name of it, bought years ago in a deli at Glasgow Central Station. It was Spanish, nutty, fruity and tasted of caramel.




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