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Art by Lori Creations – Sunday Artist Interview

Continuing on with Sunday Artist Interviews – many are lined up, so keep checking back – here’s Lori to tell you a little about herself and her work…

First of all, who are you?

Hi I’m Lori of Art By Lori Creations and I live in Essex with my husband Richard.  I work part time (which I call my day job) at my local hospital, this allows me more time to spend on my creative side. I started out in watercolour but love to try new things so over the years have tried various mediums including acrylics, alcohol ink, graphite, coloured pencils, pastels and wool. Most of my time at the moment is spent creating 3D needle felted sculptures, I find it amazing that from a clump of wool and a few needles a lifelike animal can be created.

When you were asked (all those years ago!), “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  What did you answer? 

As a child I have always loved drawing and used to tell people I’m going to be an artist, the grown ups would smile and say ahhh that’s nice dear but it’s not a real job.  With my love of animals I then thought about being a vet but life had different plans.

What is the funniest thing as an artist that has ever happened to you?

Can’t think of anything funny as an artist but I remember as a child I went on a school trip to the Lake District, well one day it was raining so we all had to wear those plastic poncho type things. Trouble was it was also really windy and being rather small the wind kept catching my poncho and blowing me all over the place. The teachers had to tie a belt around my waist in the end.

What is the hardest part of being creative?

It’s not being creative that’s hard it’s not having enough time to be able to get on with it, there is always the other side of running a business the admin, promoting, book keeping etc.  Then there’s the self confidence, thinking is this good enough will someone want to pay that much for it.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

Although easier said than done but try to believe in what you do, practise your art as much as you can.  But the most important thing is enjoy what you do.

What subjects inspire you?

Mostly my inspiration comes from nature  as animals play a big part in my artwork and sculptures but I also love the changing seasons and atmospheric landscapes. 

Who are the 3 greatest living artists in your opinion? (they don’t have to be famous!)

These are artists that inspired me in my early days  watercolourist David Bellamy his work really captures the mood of nature, then there’s Colin Bradley pastel artist who’s work with pastel pencils helped me understand this medium and finally it has to be Kiyoshi Mino who’s needle felted sculptures are just amazing.

Who are the 3 greatest dead artists in your opinion?

This is a tricky one there are so many  but my 1st is Gaudi I love his neo-gothic and organic work, next on my list is Kandinsky the founder of true abstract art, last is Edgar Degas for his pastel work especially the ones depicting ballerinas.

What is your favourite work of art you have ever produced?

I have lots of favourite pieces of art but this one, which I called “ Where I lay my hat” is one of them, there was so many different textures, from the fuzziness of the hat to the slight shine of the wooden chair and then the smoothness of the leather holster.

What was the last piece of art you sold?

One of the last pieces I sold was this life size needle felted blue tit.

And finally… Because this is really important….

What’s the best type of cheese?  (haha)

Not a great lover of cheese but do like a strong cheddar melted on crumpets or a garlic cream cheese on crackers.

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  1. What a lovely and interesting interview. I love Lori’s artwork and creativity .
    Kay x

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