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Anna Gouws Artworks – Sunday Artist Interview

Sunday’s have never been the same again since I started these around 6 months ago! I have luckily had lots of very willing artists to interview and have a list of more as long as my arm – so here’s today with Anna at Anna Gouws Artworks to tell us a little bit about herself and her art…

First of all, who are you?

Hi I’m Anna of the imaginatively titled Anna Gouws Artworks. 

I live in West Yorkshire with my Husband and 2 young girls.

I paint mainly wildlife miniatures and work in acrylic paints. I love the challenge of working small and love adding as much detail as possible.

When you were asked (all those years ago!), “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  What did you answer?

I always wanted to be a maths teacher, I realised quite quickly that maybe I didn’t have the confidence to teach. I love numbers and still do, my earlier works were very pattern based and much more abstract. 

What is the funniest thing as an artist that has ever happened to you?

The funniest and probably most embarrassing was when I was at college. It was my first time painting from a life model and also painting in oils, I was so nervous I ended up covered in paint and my tutor had to clean my clothes with a lot of turps. 

What is the hardest part of being creative?

I would say trying not to compare myself to others and having the confidence to believe in my work. I always have so many paintings I would like to create and find it hard not having the time to realise them all.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

Never give up. I have always loved drawing and spent most of my childhood drawing. I knew that I wasn’t the best and I wouldn’t say I have a natural talent but I kept practising. I was told at college to try new things and found a love for painting and even after some negative feedback I kept on trying.

What subjects inspire you?

I am inspired by nature, I used to paint the things I love, mostly robots and cars but as I’ve got older I have been drawn to nature. I love painting birds and really enjoy discovering new species to paint. I love anime and cute things so I tend to paint any animals that fulfil that brief.

Who are the 3 greatest living artists in your opinion? (they don’t have to be famous!)

When I was younger my brother introduced me to the work of Miss Van (Vanessa Alice) I have always admired her work especially the larger murals she paints and adore the style of her work.

I absolutely adore the work of Annie Montgomerie, her animal sculptures are so intricate and have so much personality.

Jacub Gagnon paints the most beautiful wildlife paintings with a twist. The colours he uses and the detail of his paintings is incredible.

Who are the 3 greatest dead artists in your opinion?

The first artist that I ever took an interest in was Roy Lichtenstein, I love his use of colour and pattern and the cartoon feel to his work.

I went to an M C Escher exhibition when I was at college and was mesmerised by his work.

Finally I would say Raphel. The paintings in the Sistine Chapel are so incredible and such an amazing achievement.

What is your favourite work of art you have ever produced?

My favourite piece changes all the time. I paint something and fall in love with it and then the next painting becomes my favourite. I would say my painting of “Maisie Moo” is my favourite at the moment. I feel in love with her face and was so happy when I was given permission to paint her. The colours in her fur are so beautiful.

What was the last piece of art you sold?

This little miniature of an elephant.

What’s the best type of cheese?  (haha)

I love cheese but my favourite has to be a nice crumbly Cheshire. I doesn’t melt very well but it’s so yummy on toast.

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