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New New New… Well, Newly Photographed…!

Hello and so photographing continues – how exactly do you work at the same time? As I am a photographer anyway, everything has to be ‘just right’ and if it’s gone wrong, I do it again and again… I am slowly changing my painting pictures in my shop and I thought it might be a nice idea to blog about them too and a story behind each one! So here’s all about 6…

Roe deer painting on paper £22

I shall start at the beginning of this year, or at least, the third month in, when I touched upon an idea to combine my printed flower photography on paper with my drawings/paintings illustrated on top… Then a whole new world opened up to me and I was able to explore my love of wildlife while still using my pictures… This roe deer was one of the first paintings to come of this series, only because I hadn’t seen one for a long time, I usually come across them on my running routes, but I hadn’t and I was hoping this would will them my way! Did it happen? Yes, but I had to wait till June!

Barn owl painting on paper £22

A few years ago, while sitting in my garden one Summer’s evening, a barn owl landed on my dormer window – we have had them flying over the garden before, but never to stop and perch. Although he had his back to me, I could see he was intently watching something… then suddenly he swooped down and then back again to continue his patient stare. It was only until he did it again did I realise he was attempting to catch the bats who were leaving the garage loft at that time! I never knew that owls caught bats for supper… did you?

Sloth painting on paper £22

Sloths are ‘in’ they say… plus flamingos, pineapples – or is that all ‘so last year?’ – Who knows?! I tend to paint what I want to paint, regardless of what’s ‘trending’! This was my first sloth and hopefully it won’t ever be my last – they really are fascinating creatures, so aptly named, as they do exactly what their name means…. And occasionally I am one myself… Everyone should be, just slow it down, take it easy and sleep loads!

Robin painting on paper £22

I guess I should really have started with this – the eagle eyed among you would have noticed this robin is in fact my logo robin, with the help of a talented friend who designed my logo with the idea I painted my own robin to use… and this is of course the namesake, none other but Larry Robin (Little Larry, son of Larry Legs, father of Louie).

Koala bear painting on paper £22

The beauty of my paintings over my own photographs is that I can now paint any animal in a flower scenario you’d never ever see in the world – I love the use of artistic license! Have you ever seen a koala bear in hydrangeas? I doubt you have… Although, you have now! It’s one of those animals I’ve always wanted to paint – like a kangaroo – one day, one day and I might draw him amongst roses!

Tiger painting on paper £22

I have a thing about big cats – especially male lions and tigers… I’ve often had dreams of a male lion beside me, while I’m tangled in his mane, hugging him… I’ve had the same with a tiger – they’re always been so gentle in my dreams, I’ve never been afraid of them… I do try and show all wild animals respect – so maybe they realise that in my dreams also? Whatever it is… I do think this is the best tiger I have ever painted, looking up into the heavens – probably watching the monkey’s in the trees above and thinking about lunch! 🙂

All of my paintings are in my ‘shop’ – find it here

I shall blog again with the next six soon!

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