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I’ve got bags! Literally!…

Red Panda – click here

First of all, may I just say – I’m a very hands on kind of artist – I’ll try everything out myself before I find an actual professional company to recreate my designs, as there are certain things I cannot do myself, however much I’ve tried over the years.. I tried some ‘iron on’ cotton images onto tote bags – let’s just say it didn’t work – as in, it spectacularly didn’t work!

Bounder – click here

We now live or at least try to live in a plastic free world and so supermarket shopping has been taken over by reusable bags and these 100% cotton tote bags are strong and durable too – I’ve carried many a glass bottle in one and it’s returned home unscathed… Handy for picnics too!

Sail Away – click here

It’s also nice to own one of my paintings adorned on a useful item – not everyone has room for a pretty picture these days, my walls are covered in so many paintings, so many canvases… although most of my paintings are small and could easily be propped up on a mantlepiece or shelf in a frame… But bags, what a great idea, practical and sensible, plus not too expensive!

Otter – click here

As you can see, I’ve used many paintings! A few specifics:

Made to order – takes within a week.

100% Cotton


Weight: 72g

Size 38 x 42cm

Capacity: 10 Litres

Handle length 67cm

Maximum print area: 23cm x 26.9cm

‘King of Spring’ – click here

Will I turn my head to cushions? I’m not sure! The artist in me is yelling in my head ‘but these are not original, these are not handmade, these are not one of a kind’ – but sometimes I need to shut her up… right?

A whale of a time – click here

What do you think? Please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Find the rest of the bag designs – click here

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