Hello, my name is Emily and from the age of four I wanted to be an artist! Many (many) years later and that’s exactly what I am! I paint, I photograph wildlife and I make jewellery. I was born in SE London and over a decade ago I moved permanently down to North Devon with my family and now live on the edge of a pretty village.
I made a robin friend in my garden who I called Larry (a long story) who I photographed everyday. During this time my mum got very ill and died in 2012 and Larry helped me through my grief. He disappeared one Summer and I decided to make a momento of him out of his vast photography archives and made myself a necklace using one of his pictures – I researched online how to create this necklace and so enjoyed what I made for myself, I decided perhaps I could make this for others too – wearable art! Hence the name Larryware! So it’s entirely a robin’s fault!
Since then I’ve rediscovered my love of drawing and with my already obsession with colour and design, I have brought into my little business wildlife illustration too!
I get my inspiration from the natural world – so various in colours, shapes, patterns, moods… I’ve always loved design too and bright bold colour, plus I feel my art can literally turn its hand to anything and anything that can be painted/decorated/created!
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