Be Patient

I live by this rule these days – but is it really a rule?  Isn’t it more like common sense?  Most of us spend our whole lives rushing around at speed, trying to get things done, trying to get everything done in very little time, so we can relax and enjoy – but trouble is, once you start doing everything, other things show themselves and so you have to do those things too (you know what it’s like –  once you’re on a roll) and before you know it, you’re stressed, you’re tired, you’re ill.

I fell into this trap.  I stopped my creations and tried to sort out my Etsy shop – I retook ALL of my photos and with 200+ listings, that was a hell of a lot and it took me weeks!  I had to wait for the good weather and got frustrated with the constant wind that blew everything around and then the stifling hot sun…  I wish I had just done a few a day and not attempted to do them all…  I mean, I’d probably still be doing them, but perhaps I would have enjoyed it rather then it become a chore?

Everything I find just takes patience – nothing is going to be a crazy success overnight – if you just take the time and stop worrying, the hard work will pay off.  But meanwhile, in-between that patience, observe what’s around you too!  Most of the time I take a few time out days, I leave my business altogether… I just go outside, enjoy the garden, see my friends, go for long walks and visit the sea – I am so lucky to have so many beautiful places within reach here in North Devon to go to, but then I did grow up in London, I experienced a city life, not always grey and busy… But I managed to escape there too – the parks were great, there were wildlife reserves and woodland and it was 45 minutes in the car to Kent – super!  No matter where you are, there is something to see – you just have to be patient, you won’t get to it in seconds! 

Below are a few of my pictures just to prove, if you take the time, if you be patience, you will be rewarded – so sit back,  let everything come to you – being a wildlife photographer, I’ve stopped ‘seeking’, it’s now whatever I find, and it’s much more relaxing and I think my pictures are improving because of this, what do you think?  From left to right a wildflower called a corncockle, a dragonfly called a broad bodied chaser, a robin called Louie (!), a perfect Devon sunset and a beautiful poppy.

img_0659 img_2599 img_5353 img_8582 img_9173

Running a business is all about patience, you just have to put in the work – I’ve worked hard at it all year round now, now I’m no longer doing craft fairs, and I’ve put in the time, the effort and the energy – I have a formula now to work with (apart from sorting out this blog, this is where I fall down!) and I’m so enjoying what I’m doing and I’m getting some of the best feedback I’ve ever had.  It’s a good feeling.   Everyone I believe can achieve this – just be patience, be still.

Emy xx