Larryware – the company of Larry Robin

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a prolific maker! I am so addicted in what I do, that, I just can’t stop and I doubt I ever will!

I live in the beautiful wilds and the inspiring place of North Devon, UK – a place I would spend many happy weeks on family holidays in the Summer, only to be incredibly lucky to move down to my holiday destination around 8 years ago and set up home and garden!

I am a wildlife photographer and a fine artist – I make some of my best pictures into jewelry – necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I also hand paint jewellery items too, mainly on wood, sometimes on metal and one day on ceramics! I have many, many items planned!

I don’t have to go far to get my inspiration, I have an awesome coastline on my doorstep, a fabulous wild and lonely land of Dartmoor which I can see from my window, a beautiful patchwork of rolling fields from my garden and in my garden a whole host of wildflowers and wildlife – including a robin called ‘Louie’, who’s the last son of ‘Larry’ who took the name of my business – Larry was a hugely important influence in my life, he got me through the dark days after losing my mum to cancer, he taught me how to live and find happiness in life again – I knew him since he was a fledgling (I knew his dad too) and I followed his whole life until his end, he was predated and only one of his chicks survived – ‘Louie’. It’s been a huge love affair, a robin soap opera played right before my eyes and I have become emotionally involved with these incredible creatures, I have had a front row seat!

At the moment I am addicted to painting on wood – I’ll always produce my photography jewelry as I photograph outside every day – but when the weather is wet and I can’t get out there, I take brush to wood, using lots of colour, I design and create and that’s when I am at my most happy! So to be able to bring you all something to be able to buy from my shop is truly satisfying and I hope you love the originality and the creativity as much as I do – not one item the same, every painting unique! Well, like you & me! (& Louie!).

Sing up Louie!
Sing up Louie!


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