A Running Log…


March 2019

I can’t believe we’re 3 months into the year!  How did that happen?

I’ve had 2 months break, full of ideas and sketches, but nothing much actually happening, until now!

As you can see lots of new pieces – do check out my etsy shop of LARRYWARE to see them all!

Next week I’m off to Cornwall for a much needed holiday… But when I’m back I’m hoping to restart my blog once more!




NEW!  I have some brand new blank Christmas cards available – this is the original painting and will be listed for sale once varnished:

Click on the pictures to bring you to my website link in order to purchase for one:

And the link for 5:

Wow, so Christmas has started in earnest and I am so behind in my website – my new year’s resolution is to get this place off the ground and stop concentrating so much time on Etsy and, ah, Folksy which I’ve reopened….  Click on the images to take you to my Folksy shop links:


And of course we can’t forget about Etsy either….  Click on each picture for shop link!

Phew!  There’s that out of the way!

I’m taking part in several things:

On Facebook – a Stocking Filler Market Night on 1st December (event still needs to be made)

On Facebook 1st December:

Charity Auction for Blesma – The Limbless Veterans – click here for event

Also on the 1st December – I shall be selling my paintings, cards and prints at St Michael’s Church in Great Torrington from 10-3pm

Finally on the 22nd December, I am taking part in a Christmas Decorations Handmade event at White Moose Gallery in Barnstaple – click here for website link – Facebook event page and see below for even more details!



Lots of new paintings, prints, cards… Opening times and info – click here or look below!


It’s August! (2018)

I am away now from 16th August – 26th – a visit to Rutland Water and the Bird Fair and a week in Melton Mowbray!  My first holiday of the year!

If you’d like to purchase anything from my shop, I am afraid you need to be patient!

See you all soon! xxx


It’s July! (2018)


But in September I’ll be doing Art Trek – North Devon’s version of Open Studios!

Click here for my website entry


Since my last entry on here – I have been very busy – these are my new pieces, click each picture which will take you to it’s listing!




These pieces above are part of an original painting – a collaboration between a great bunch of artists and a book featuring us all called ‘Wild Art’ – watch this space for more info!


Louie is fine!  He has lost his tail though – the moult is on!




Today I have spent a lot of time updating my Etsy shop with brand new hand painted pendants – click the picture to take you directly to my store:


Plus North Devon got snow!!!!  I never thought I’d see that again as we always totally miss it!

Louie Robin was totally fine with it too!



February 2018

I have finally updated my blog!  Please click on the new Swallow painting picture below:

I have also been updating my website shop – this is new, click on the picture to take a look at the listing:

Louie is doing good! xx




Louie is still amazing – don’t forget about this Facebook page My Wild Life With Robins


A-Z World Wildlife Art Challenge

Still painting the A-Z challenge – click on each picture to take you to the shop listing link:

Hammerhead and Komodo Dragon SOLD

p2220283 p2220262

p2220172 p2220192 p2220217 p2220241





A-D – The Cheetah is sold!  Find the others in my shop



4th January – Day 2 of the A-z of World Wildlife – click the image to purchase!

B is for Badger



3rd January – today starts the ‘World Wildlife Alphabet Challenge’ – all pieces will be listed in my Website shop – just click on the picture to take you to the page!

A is for Albatross



October 2017


Click on the picture to take you to his calendar listing in my Etsy shop:




September 2017


18 17 14 13







23 22   19 15



1 2 6 8

Check back for more new listings soon!



I think I was asleep in August – although, I wish that was the case – I had craft fairs, and work and, at least, some holiday time!

I have just sent out my September Newsletter to all subscribers – you can sign up from my website, using this link:

Larryware Newsletter

The newsletter features my fabulous new work, new pictures of Louie Robin and news about my half price sale on Etsy AND 20% off exclusive for newsletter subscribers!

Talking of new work…

img_3391 img_3417 img_3428 img_3462

All of these will soon be appearing in my website shop AND my Etsy shop of Larryware – so be sure to keep checking in the coming weeks! 😀




July 2017

I have just written a new BLOG POST – click the picture to have a read…


I have also been very busy adding new items to my online shop on Etsy – if you click on each image it will take you to the right listing:

p2100056 p2100019 p2100068 p2110001


And Louie?  Ahhh he has lost his tail – the moult is on! xx





June 2017

A NEW BLOG POST – GO ME!!!  Click on the picture or click HERE




I have a brand new newsletter!  I will never spam your inbox, you’ll only ever hear from me once, maybe twice a month…  Follow this link to subscribe and get 15% off my Etsy shop!

Larryware Newsletter

I have been busy with brand new work and product photography!  Click on each picture which will take you to the listing link!


01 02 03 04


How’s Louie????  Amazing – he has kids!






1st May 2017

Wow – you know when you’re away from here forever and ever and you keep saying I’ll update soon, I’ll update soon, I’ll update soon…. Yeah, THAT!

Still waiting for lovely warm weather – it’s been sunny but cold with an icy wind and now it’s just cold and raining!

I’ve been taking some new product photography, I got bored with the plain white pictures!  Links to relevant shop listing when you click on each:

img_7163 img_7168 img_7185 img_7191 img_7215 img_7224 img_5097 img_5209 img_5238 img_5260 img_5379 img_5461

Sadly Louie Robin has been unwell the last 24 hours or so, I think he either collided with something hard or got into a fight…  I’ve been out in all weathers making sure he’s safe and well fed – so no pictures of him yet!

I shall try and not leave it so long again!!!



21st March 2017

I have been away on holiday!  Here’s my latest blog about it – please click on the picture to take a look ‘Why I Holiday In My Own Country’

Nare Head from Pendower Beach, Cornwall
Nare Head from Pendower Beach, Cornwall


I am also taking part in the HandMade Online Market Night 2nd April on Facebook:

It starts 6pm – 11pm on that Sunday, a password will be released at 6:01pm which you’ll need to type in the comment underneath anything you want to buy in order to purchase it – please click on the picture to take you to the event page.


Tonight I am hosting #folksyhour on ‘Twitter Tips’ between 8-9pm – just turn up and follow ‘latest’ tweets using the hashtag #folksyhour after each tweet before you post it…



6th March 2017

Whoops!  Here I am!

Relevant links to the listings if you click on each image – I’ve been busy!

p1940062 p1940082 p1960001-1 p1980057 p1980071 p1980074 p1980101 p2000002 p1830117 p1860105



And I took one of my whale pebbles and ran it through photoshop:


And had a play with colour – I shall be making these into necklaces when I come home after my holiday in Cornwall – March 10th – 15th (can’t wait!)

whale-08 whale-11 whale-12 whale-13 whale04 whale06 whale07 whale09 whale10 whale14


Yes, I got very carried away…

Finally, Louie is fine and very very handsome 😀

img_5419 img_6178 img_6230 img_6497




12th February 2017

Wow, another update, so soon after the last?  Yes, well, it has been another week listing on both Folksy and Etsy – and here they are – please click on each picture to get to the correct url:

main p1800209-copy p1880012-1-copy p1890009-copy p1890040-copy p1890063-copy p1890114-copy p1910015-copy p1940053-copyimg_1960-copy


Louie is fine – cold, but fine!



11th February 2017

WOW have I been wonderfully busy!

I picked up some lovely pebbles at one of my local beaches a few weeks ago, a great friend drilled some holes in them for me and I’ve been happily painting them!  Lots have already been listed in my shop on here, so please click each picture to come to the correct link:

p1940092 p1940068 p1940145 p1940116 p1940059 p1940034 p1940028 p1940002

As you can see, I am going through a ‘sea phase’  – I have a feeling this will continue for a very long time!

AND – My brand new YouTube Channel – I need to work out how to get the banner correct!  That’s my job for tonight!

This is my first film:

The Sea Inspired Collection 1

And Louie?  Oh – he’s gorgeous:


His Facebook page is flourishing – it’s coming up to 500 members – please be one of them!

My Wild Life With Robins



6th February 2017

Wow have I been listing away!  It’s amazing how one listing a day on both of my online shops – Etsy & Folksy – seem to add up!  I’m ahead of myself for once as well – I have at least 3 days worth of listings to, ah, ‘list’ and have just made new work too for product photography tomorrow!  It is indeed a mini production line!

So these are my new items – click on each picture to bring you to the relevant shop listing:

p1800152-copy p1800156-copy p1800193-copy p1810013-copy p1810023-copy p1810031-copy p1810107-copy p1810161-copy p1810192-copy p1810201-copy p1810276-copy p1870021-copy p1870030-copy

Louie is fine too – although a little wet, horrible wet winter weather!



1st February 2017

Wow, it’s February already – banish those January blues, away away with you!   February is the shortest month and the sun rose this morning and ‘stayed’ for a few hours – now, of course, it’s raining!

I have just BLOGGED – go me!  Click on the picture of my newly written blog if you’d like to continue reading it, I hope you will!


Actually you need to click on it to in fact read any of it!  That’s a screen shot for you, no proper detail!

I am ‘trying’ to list one item per day on Folksy and Etsy – please click on the pictures for the shop listings:

p1870081 p1870031

Grief the weather is appalling – I’m off out tonight to see a panto – but now I’m going to curl up with some peppermint tea and a good book – and switch this off and have a break!   It’s good to have a break, it’s just a shame I’m not allowed a kit kat (I’d undo my morning run if I do!) 🙂


31st January 2017

As you can see I’ve been so busy this past week!  Two new listings, click the pictures for their shop links:


Many new paintings… one is listed somewhere, the rest aren’t – but are for sale!


And these too are on Ebay as an auction…


It has rained ALL day today – not very inspiring!




26th January 2017

What has happened to January?  Where did it go to???

I’ve managed another one of my wood paintings and it’s listed already – this first:


I’ve also managed 500 followers on Instagram – please click the picture to go to my profile and please give me a follow, I’ll follow back 🙂



I’ve been listing new work left right and centre and my mojo just won’t shut up, I’m exhausted, yet I just want to paint and paint and paint!  If you click on each picture, it will bring you to the relevant listing either on Etsy or Folksy!



And Louie?  Well, he’s perfect as always!



15th January 2017

It has been a busy few days painting flying white/coloured birds… I seemed to have developed a new obsession and so early in the year too!

p1800284 p1800287 p1800289 p1800290

Plus I have this AMAZING new idea for my brooches and instead of a presentation/jewellery box – they come attached to their own same patterned canvas!


And…  New listings, one also on my Folksy shop, just click on the picture to be taken to the url:

1 5 8 untitled-design-11

And finally – Louie:


So all in all, it has been busy…! 🙂



Oh so close to the snow showers, but sadly this little pocket of North Devon has missed it all again – I absolutely LOVE snow – I love the silence it brings, the beauty, the sublimness… I live in the wrong part of the world!

Anyhow – I’ve managed to list my new work on Etsy – yay!  Click on each picture to take you to the listing:

15 22 25 28

I am also currently working on a commission for a friend… watch this space!

Plus I shall be one of 5 artisans in a market weekend on Facebook this weekend (14-15th January) – I shall post more info about it tomorrow hopefully…

As for Louie – I haven’t managed to take his picture now for 2 days running – yesterday because I was in Exeter all day and today it just rained and rained and rained and I don’t like taking the camera out in the rain, plus, because it was raining, he was miserable and so was I, it wasn’t photography weather!  So better luck tomorrow!



9th January 2017

How exactly is it already 9 days into January? :-O

I wrote a brand new blog about how to work twitter with various #hours and their times:

Tweeting @ all hours

I listed some new brooches on Etsy – click each picture to take you to the listing url

1 3 4 5

And I’ve been calling Louie daily and as you can see he’s very very beautiful!


Plus I have been very busy with some new work… a small taster – again if you click on each photo it will take you to either my Facebook page (fox) or my Instagram (bird) as those at the moment are the two places where I post new work!

p1800009 p1800022

Like I say… it’s all work in progress – WIP!


29th December 2016

Help!  What happened?  Oh I know – Christmas happened!

I haven’t actually done any work since before Christmas, I packed the box away!  Well – kind of!

I painted a cat for my dad for Christmas – this is ‘Sgt Pepper’ which my parents had in 1967, he died in 1981 and I just about remember him and especially how he was my first word ‘Pepper’.

Plus I painted a purple hare for my friend Jackie – I used an idea already, so this is for private use and I shall never attempt to use this image to sell – I know all about copyright law, best not to go against it!

I did also paint a robin for a friend too, but I forgot to photograph it!  That’s one of my new year’s resolutions, PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING!

p1780004-version-2 p1780008


Louie is beautiful still!

And the skies have been awesome recently, as the weather has been dry yet cold!


I am hoping to blog and add many more photographs too to my online gallery – it’s all gone rather quiet – I shall be back in due course! 😀



11th December 2016

Sorry – dear me – this is such a busy time of year for everyone right now and I couldn’t even come in to update my website!  I was so excited to be able to update almost daily, not after every 10 days! :-/

I have my last craft fair tomorrow at Bideford College – 4pm-8pm – and then it’s finishing off commissions and presents and things….!

Lots of new work has been listed on Etsy – just click each 4x picture for the direct link.












So as you can see, I’ve been really busy… But of course I have had a little smiling robin by my side too, Louie is pretty darn alright at the moment! 😀


I shall be back soon…  And try not to be as long as last time and I need to write a blog – I will! x


29th November 2016

A few days away from my website to work and create even more beautiful things!  As I cannot stop creating!

Just listed these on my Etsy shop, click the images to view the listings there:






It’s very very cold and I have had a very cold and hungry robin with me each day… Louie is 100% again, such a relief!




27th November 2016

A quick update – Louie is fine!  Hooray!


And the Handcrafted Uniquely Christmas Market Night is open!

Password underneath what you’d like to buy – ‘Christmassy’

Click here for album – lots of lovely pieces for sale! 



24th November 2016

First of all, let me update how Louie is… He seems fine in himself, he’s eating and singing quite happily, but his eye is still very swollen:


Today I didn’t do any work – a bit of background painting, but I went out for lunch and a walk!  Tomorrow, we’re doing the same!  But I did manage to sort out some new pieces for my friend’s shop this evening, all boxed and numbered (sorry for the picture, they were all next to me on the sofa!)


Last night I painted a fox… He will become a decoration and I will list him on Etsy very very soon!



23rd November 2016

My first run after so many weeks was ok – then I went out to lunch and had wine, oops!  But I moved first! 😉

Louie I think has been in a scrap as he has a swollen left eye… I shall keep an eye on him tomorrow:


And I’ve just finished these, destined for so many places, I can’t even begin to describe them!  My own little robin design and each one different, because each robin is different, isn’t it? 😀



22nd November 2016

Brand new Blog Post – Treasury Tuesday

Featuring 5 artists and their shops on Etsy that I simply love!  Etsy gave up on their treasuries a month or so ago – but with this blog, I can now do my own!

Also today… After a stinking cold, I managed to get outside for a walk and was so shocked at just how cold and grim it was, I came home and painted swallows!  I so miss Summer!  (Sorry for bad picture, of course it was dark by the time I had finished them)


And of course I saw him – dearest Louie Robin:


Tomorrow will be my first run in 2 weeks (I love running, but not when I’m ill) so, wish me luck! 🙂


21st November 2016

What a miserable old day, it rained and rained and wasn’t very inspiring!  So I had a day off from work, did a little bit of clearing up and organising and then spent the rest of the day under the duvet!  I did see Louie Robin, but didn’t manage to get his picture as the rain just cascaded down and I don’t like getting my camera wet!

I have just listed two new items in my Etsy shop, click on the pictures to go to the website listings:


Tomorrow hopefully brings some sunshine and inspiration!


20th November 2016

It has been a day of frustrations – sometimes I just cannot create, my brain decides it just doesn’t want to concentrate and my painting hand just turns to jelly!  So today I have been taking product photography and sorting out my shop banner and ‘about’ section on my Folksy shop and I listed these, just click on each image to take you to the shop listing:


Of course I also saw Louie today, several times – I was so worried last night, as the wind and the rain battered his garden, but of course he was fine when I called him this morning and utterly beautiful as ever!


Tomorrow I have Pilates and then another day of product photography I think and getting some new work together for my friend’s shop – La Belle Maison


19th November 2016:

I have had a productive day – all will be necklaces!


I have also attemped a fox face – which will also be a necklace:


I have started to list again in my FOLKSY SHOP

And Louie Robin today was particularly hungry and beautiful:



18th November 2016

Blog post – About My Inspiration

They have feathers and they look a bit like this:


And I’ve finished the hare painting – although it got too dark for natural light!


Yesterday I listed 3 brand new hand painted items on my Etsy Larryware:


I also vanished a small canvas painting of a hare:


Plus I started a new hare painting on some wood, that’s to be finished today:


Well once I’ve taking my Dad to the dentist and gone to the post office with Larryware parcels destined for all corners of the globe!


NEW BLOG POST TODAY 16th November 2016:

About My Practice


Hello!!!  This is all so exciting!

There is a fantastic Facebook Christmas Market Night happening on 25th November:


Link to Market Night 

Plus an AMAZING Giveaway:

‘Do you want to be in with a chance to win one of these amazing prize bundles? Prizes from 40 members of the Handcrafted Uniquely team up for grabs, each prize bundle is worth OVER £250!
All you need to do is comment “A” or “B” on this post, then head over to this event’


Click here to enter the giveaway on my Larryware Facebook Page

Then make sure you visit the Market Night Events Page to say ‘You’re In’ 😀

Here you will be able to keep in touch with me through my blog posts, new creation in my shop, new photography in my gallery and news of the famous Louie and what I am getting up to on a weekly basis!

So for example – today I have just listed several new items into my shop:


So every time I post some new items I shall change the front page to show them
Also I have just added 2 brand new photo albums to my gallery:
scan0024 scan0016 scan0012
Sing up Louie!
Sing up Louie!

img_3045   02

Here’s to a new beginning! 😀 x